Kapitał na Pomysł - Fundusz Kapitałowy skierowany do innowacyjnych pomysłów

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Who are we?

  • The fund was established as a result of an agreement signed on 29th December 2008 between Pomerania Development Agency Co. and the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship Development, for the co-funding of a project under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Measure 3.1: “Capital for Innovation”
  • Budget of the Fund – PLN 35 million


Who is the Fund intended for?

The PDA Co. Fund is intended for individuals and companies who have an innovative business idea and want to put it into practice working with us.


What needs do we respond to?

  • Lack of funding necessary to start an innovative business,
  • Lack of funds for a business and technical analysis of innovative ideas necessary to acquire funding,
  • Lack of skills to create a business plan,
  • No experience in establishing and running a business by the initiators of the project.


How does the Fund operate?



Having achieved a set rate of return, the Fund will withdraw its capital by, for example:

  • Selling its shares to another shareholder (right of first refusal)
  • Floating the company’s shares on the market, e.g. New Connect
  • Selling the shares to other investment funds /industry investors


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